Friday, April 20, 2007


The event is the 5th exhibition of the series of the American and Korean International Exchange Exhibition. Purpose of this event is to pursue the concerns of dialogue among different cultures. The increasingly rapid globalization that is taking place in the world is brining about many changes. Even since the 4th exchange exhibition, we have seen many changes between cultures that have caused chaos and war. Too often there is miscommunication, misunderstanding, mistrust and conflict but we believe art can provide a unifying force and common ground for positive dialogue through its universal roots in human experience and hopefully both cultures (Korean and American) would build on this.

The American and Korean artists work in many different styles and with different subject matter but what pulls them together is the common desire to show the public, what is happening in contemporary Korean and American art and to impact how the Oriental and Western philosophy informs art in it’s pure state. Thus, we hope to broaden the dialogue and understanding between our two very different countries and cultures.