Saturday, March 31, 2007


Artificium of Humanitas IV
An Invitational Exhibition of Korean and American Artists

With the arrival of this lovely spring season I am happy to offer the Artificium of Humanitas IV Exhibition. This is the fourth in a series of exchange exhibitions between Korean and American artists that began in Daegu, South Korea in March of 2002. Since then there have been exhibitions in Portsmouth, Virginia in 2003, Daegu, South Korea again in June of 2004, and now the present exhibition.

Artificium of Humanitas IV is an ongoing artistic dialogue between our two countries and cultures. As each year goes by and the forces of political and economic globalization push people of all countries closer together this kind of cultural exchange becomes increasingly important as a means of developing greater understanding and tolerance. Art provides an excellent way of promoting constructive and peaceful dialogue between people of different cultures. It also provide as way for us to see into each others hearts and minds directly rather than through the usual multi-layered methods of political discourse, commercial exchange, and the media. Artificium of Humanitas IV strives to be a contribution to this continuing global dialogue. I hope that this contribution will in some small way help to build greater understanding between Korean and American cultures and ultimately between all cultures of the world.

The artists contributing to Artificium of Humanitas IV come from varying backgrounds and represent a wide variety of artistic styles and artistic philosophies but all are united by the desire to contribute to a constructive and compassionate cultural dialogue.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the artists who have participated in this exhibition, to Christina Hitchcock of the George Mason University’s Low Campus Gallery for her support, to Kwon Myoung-Won for his assitance, Mark Bryant for his valuable help, and especially to everyone who comes to see and share in the living dialogue of this exhibition.

Heeja Sung
Artificium of Humanitas IV

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